Transcription of court proceedings

Transkryptor offers court transcription services delivering fast, accurate, and secure transcriptions for legal proceedings, depositions, and hearings. Our team of expert transcribers is skilled in legal terminology across multiple jurisdictions.

IDI transcriptions

We have been transcribing Individual in-depth Interviews for over fifteen years, achieving perfection in that matter. We transcribe a wide range of interviews, including one-on-one interviews, focus groups, phone & zoom interviews, and more.

Automated transcription

Check out our automated transcription services for great rates and high accuracy. With Transkryptor, you’ll get quick turnaround times, saving you both time and money while making your content more accessible.

Closed Captions

Enhance video accessibility with our high-quality closed captioning services. Accurate and compliant with global standards. We ensure your content reaches everyone, including the deaf and hard of hearing. Elevate your audience engagement today.


Do you need your transcripts translated? No problem! Maximize efficiency with our combo service, offering transcription followed by precise translation. Ideal for multi-language projects. Get your content accurately transcribed and translated.

Copy typing

Experience fast, accurate copy typing services tailored to meet all your document needs. Our skilled typists ensure top-quality results, transforming handwritten notes and scanned documents into digital formats. Perfect for businesses seeking efficiency and precision.

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